Upcoming Events & Adventures

Mountain Ascent

Villarrica Volcan

  • 5 March, 06:00 - 15:00
  • Pedro de Valdivia 205, Pucon

Ascent to the great Villarrica Volcan, 5 hours to 2.350 Mts of altitude.

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Mountain Ascent

Villarrica volcano ascent

  • 17 August, 06:00
  • pucon

Mountain experience, active volcano!!

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Register in www.eclipse.zenit.travel

  • 14 December, 11:00 - 13:30

Experience a full broadcast of the eclipse through a live-streaming event, weaving science & story together across three locations in Pucón, Chile

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Glaciar Voipir Full day

  • 19 January, 09:00 - 17:00
  • Pedro de Valdivia 205, Piso 2, Office Zenit

Trek to Voipir glacier - west side of the Villarrica volcano. Araucarias forests. Visit to the Glacier - conversations regarding the importance of these n

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Eclipse Elqui Valley 2019

  • 2 July, 09:00 - 06:30
  • North of Chile

Total Solar Eclipse at premium Campsite Zenit inside Quebrada de Cochiguaz, Elqui Valley, Chile.


Observacion del cielo astronomico en Pucon

  • 19 April, 20:00 - 22:00
  • Salida desde punto de encuentro

Disfrutemos del Cielo austral desde la teoría y la Cosmovisión Mapuche. A ojo libre, con nuestro Telescopio y binoculares de apoyo! LUNA LLENA TENDREMOS D

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Trekking and Mapuche Culture

  • 29 December, 15:23 - 09:00
  • East Pucon

Visit to a Mapuche Community with ancestral experience and visit to the Puesco area, with a walk through araucaria forests, views of Lanin Volcano next to

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Trekking cañon de Huincacara y Bosque Nativo

  • 10 November, 09:00 - 16:00
  • Pucon alrededores

Visita al Suroeste de Pucón. Caminaremos por cañones naturales sorprendentes para luego entrar en Bosque de Araucaria y Coihues con avistamiento de aves

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  • 8 November, 21:00 - 23:00
  • Mariman Area

Surprise yourself with the wealth of the Austral Sky and visit the Wenumapu (Sky in Mapudungun*), accompanied by our guides and telescopes and realizing ho

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Wine tasting

Enjoy the Organic & Biodynamic Wines in Pucón

  • 8 September, 19:00 - 20:15
  • Hosteria ecole!

Have a great organic and wine tasting experience in the Area of Zenit and enjoy the great biodynamic wines!

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  • 17 August, 08:00
  • Some location

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Mapuche Worldview

  • 6 August, 11:25 - 15:00
  • Some Location

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Discover the
Great Outdoors
of Pucón

Take a break from daily life and surround yourself with natural beauty in southern Chile.

  • San Manuel Lake

    Located in the Huerquehue National Park

  • Pucon surroundings

    Cerduo Rock Climbing, background Rukapillan

  • Martin Pescador

    Also known under the name "Martin of the river".

Travel & Explore

The Natural Wonders

We begin our journey with the sound of the birds, the animals of the temperate rainforest and the silence of the millennial Araucarías. The amazing contrast of colors of the native forests, lakes, rivers, waterfalls and glaciers will leave us mesmerized, and especially the immense presence of the three sacred volcanoes, give us a unique experience that allows us to reconnect with the cycles of nature.

  • Scenic Landscapes

    Pristine natural surroundings, wildlife observation and millennial native trees in nature reserves. Manifestation of nature in unique and spectacular designs.

  • Outdoor Adventure

    Different active experiences in Nature: hiking, climbing, rowing and yoga practice in unique environments with scenic beauty.

  • Amazing Culture

    Interaction with local communities through meetings, opening up to receive ancestral knowledge and sharing unique moments of the present.

  • You get to choose!

    Through exploration of the environment, we create experiences in Nature together with local communities, increasing the sense of travel.

Choose your Experience

Adventures to Inspire your inner Traveler

Let's be active in walking and ascending, in the encounters, in the conscious breathing of yoga, in the exploration of the austral sky and in the recognition of remarkable & sustainable practices.

El Cañi Sanctuary

Carpintero Negro (Campephilus Magellanicus)

Nature & Beyond

Step into the Wild

On the heights we visit, along with other native tree species, in the midst of lakes and volcanoes or on the rocky summits, like spectacular forest relics with the most extensive past appear the beautiful and incomparable Araucaría forests (Araucaría Araucana) "the pehuén of the Mapuche ", with trees over a thousand years old. The striking image of the Rucapillan Volcano (Villarrica), its active spirit carrying the fire and the ancestral memory of the area, will inspire the journey and so the presence of the birds such as the Majestic Condor, the Black Woodpecker, the Martin Pescador or the Chucao will accompany us on the way.

Volcán Rukapillan (Villarrica)

One of the most active volcanoes in South America


Magnificent view under the Austral Sky

The night sky in Pucón, including its pristine surroundings provides us the optimal conditions to observe and capture the heavens. With the naked eye alone, you'll be able to see thousands of stars, airglow, nebulas and a mesmerizing view of the milky way! With a telescope or binoculars, you will see more details than you could ever expect to see from a city.
Take advantage of this opportunity to explore the majestic landscapes that surrounds us and travel through the "Sendero de los Cuentos", as the Mapuche would call our Milky Way.

Some Quick Facts about Pucón

Let's Keep Exploring!

  • 15

    Natural Lakes

    Discover the ice-blue lakes in the enchanting forests

  • 39

    Rivers & Creeks

    Move to the rhythm of nature’s flow

  • 4


    Experience the active volcanoes from close-by

  • 6

    Nature Reserves

    Explore the protected Nature reserves of Pucón

Our Testimonials

What Travelers Say About Us

We love creating happy travelers and believe that wonderful experiences are meant to be shared with others!

  • Vantanee Pettinati

    United kingdom

    Despite the beautiful scenery in Atacama and the incredible experience in Torres del Paine, Pucón is still our favorite.

  • Cedric Rose


    Thank you very much for the specialized and spontaneous Organic and Biodynamic Wine Tasting.

  • Stefan Klampfer


    The mix of activities gives us every day new challenges and pleasant surprises. Congratulations! (Araucania Andina 3 Days)

  • Georgia Marman


    The well-being, energy and happiness achieved through your program will be an experience that I will take with me forever! ( Trekking & Yoga in Nature)

  • Grant Taylor


    Specialist guides, stunning nature, a great adventure with its challenges all ad up to a fantastic experience. (El Cañi Sanctuary-Trekking)

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